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So what is Nephcon all about? It’s about Revealing Mysteries and Forbidden History that has been forgotten, hidden or covered up throughout our history.

Why did God tell the children of Israel to completely wipe out whole communities, men, women, children and livestock but spared others. Because of the Nephilim!

How did we get our monolithic structures that our technology of today cannot even come close to duplicating? The Nephilim!

In addition, we look into many other subject matters like:

What did Jesus write on the ground with His finger?

Whose skull is at Mt. Calvary where Jesus was crucified?

We will also cover Subjects You Can’t Ask In Church.

So please, feel free to post any questions or comments.

And remember, Ask You Pastor About The Nephilim

Genesis 6:4 (NLT)
4 In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.